Next-Gen Platform for E-Commerce Planning

Match contract clause with materials purchase order and invoices. Enhance collaboration. Detect materials and inventory risk. For Planning, Compliance and Purchasing teams


Plan materials management accordingly. Collaborate with dozens of colleagues on SLA management. Save time reconciling terabytes of data from SAP and spreadsheets.

Purchasing and Cost Control

Spot performance discounts. Our machine learning models can find patterns in customer behaviors from invoices against purchase orders, contracts clauses resulting in cash back opportunities.


Sustain performance. Our Trust Score provides an early warning signal by materials and location.

Global institutions trust us

“Solving one of the most complex problems in the supply chain”
Former Head of Innovation, State Street Bank

“Value added services in data mining”
Director, Insurance Claims, Humana

“Smoke detector for the supply chain”
Editor, American Banker 

Featured by

American Banker
Venture Beat
Crowdfund Insider
IT Pro

We started this company to increase working capital for private companies and we learned through data, key insights and benchmarks.

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