Procurement Analytics Powered by AI

Reconcile invoice and contracts kpi’s. Discover cost savings. Detect trust and service risk.
For Accounts Payables, Controllers and Purchasing teams


Accounts Payables

Detect transaction anomalies. Anticipate earlier payments requirements. The cloud platform integrates early warning signals real-time.

Purchasing and Cost Control

Spot performance discounts. Our machine learning models can find patterns in customer behaviors from invoices against purchase orders, contracts records resulting in cash back opportunities.

Customer On-boarding and Compliance

Accelerate customer on-boarding. Our Trust Score powers new customer on-boarding and know your customer requirements generating predictive (scored) dashboard recommendations for any critical replacement customers.

Global institutions trust us

“Solving one of the most complex problems in the supply chain”
Former Head of Innovation, State Street Bank

“Value added services in data mining”
Director, Insurance Claims, Humana

“Unique attributes such as proprietary data creating economic impact relevance”
Professor of Accounting and Finance, Bocconi University

Featured by

American Banker
Venture Beat
Crowdfund Insider
IT Pro

We started this company to increase working capital for private companies and we learned through data, key insights and benchmarks.

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