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Automate manual workflows. Discover cost savings. Spot exceptions real-time
For Procurement, Finance Control and Compliance Officers


3rd Party Management

Improve partner visibility, reduce payment errors and get rid of manual workflows within your own portal. Recent research showed the increasing reliance of third and fourth party private company suppliers, causing a systemic shock in the event of a weak link.

Supplier Risk Control & Compliance

Predict real-time company events before they occur. Connect historical invoice images and ERP invoices to the portal, which we mine against cost risk, benchmarks, your contract KPIs and security concerns.

360 Degree Approach

Ensure business continuity for all by inviting your suppliers and or partners to their own portal. Our Trust Score and heat map dashboard shows all how to improve financial and operational sustainability, providing recommendations.

Global institutions trust us

“Solving one of the most complex problems in the supply chain”
Former Head of Innovation, State Street Bank

“Value added services in data mining”
Director, Insurance Claims, Humana

“Unique attributes such as proprietary data creating economic impact relevance”
Professor of Accounting and Finance, Bocconi University

Featured by

American Banker
Venture Beat
Crowdfund Insider
IT Pro

We started this company to increase working capital for private companies and we learned through data, key insights and benchmarks.

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