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Digitising the Supply Chain

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Supply chain professionals are now told on an almost daily basis that their next challenge is to digitise the supply chain. A recent report from PwC says that computerising the process promises to “make the supply chain more efficient, agile and customer-focused”. This is undoubtedly accurate, but advice on this typically majors on what is possible within the supply chain – the use of emerging technologies such as the internet of things and 3D printing to solve traditional, analogue headaches. This is an excerpt of an article by VendorMach CEO, to read the full article go to ITProPortal

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Technology CFO’s and Reducing DSO

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Among CFO’s there’s often talk about how to increase the efficiency of working capital in the organization. Is it by reducing DSO (Days Sales Outstanding), reducing DIO (Days Inventory Outstanding) or extending DPO (Days Payment Outstanding). Sounds like an acronym cocktail right? Basically, do I collect my own sales receipt faster, get inventory/deliverables out of the door faster or just pay my suppliers later. Conventionally, extending DPO ends up being the first route of increasing working cap, followed by chasing up on those receivables (DSO). It’s a lot easier to pay suppliers later than chase receivables and or think about …

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Why IoT Needs AI

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At one of my recent talks in New York about AI in the supply chain, one of the key questions that came up was “Are you talking about robots?” You see, AI has been romanticized into this abstract term that conjures images of walking robots doing your household chores while you just sit back and relax. But what does it really mean, and where did the term actually come from? Artificial intelligence encompasses the new paradigm of machine learning and big data processes that enable you to get predictive insights from a combination of historical amounts of preexisting data processes …

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Shorter Working Capital Cycles, a Win Win Solution

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Businesses need a shorter working capital cycle to fund their day-to-day operations such as debts and expenses,  a major component of their liquidity. What is working capital? Working capital is the aggregate value of the current assets of a company, which can be continuously utilized to support the current operations. It  helps in understanding the liquidity position of an organization. Working capital is much more focused on short term – current asset and current liabilities. Ultimately,  positive working capital or cashflow ensures that a business has enough funds to support its operating expenses and short-term debts. Understanding Working Capital Cycle …

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VendorMach’s Dr Faridani Speaking at Data Natives in Berlin

In AI, Big Data, fintech by VendorMach

Jacqueline Faridani, VendorMach’s Associate Director of Quant and Credit Risk will be at the Data Natives conference in Berlin! She will be on the Big Data panel in Fintech with fellow panelists Christian Rebenik, CTO of German digital bank N26, Dr Stefan Wachenfeld, CEO of Savedo and Devie Mohan, CEO of Burnmark. To learn more the conference, here is a great summary from Dataconomy

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VendorMach meets with Professor Ed Altman at NYU Stern

In AI, Big Data, Invoices, Machine learning, SMB, Trust Score by VendorMach

VendorMach met with Professor Altman at NYU Stern to get insights on the widely used industry Z Score model while discussing approaches to the VendorMach Trust Score. While the Z score is designed for public companies, (and our focus is private companies (and SMB’s)), particularly interesting is that considering the era when it was built, it remains a relevant reference point to understand. The Z score looks mostly at company fundamentals (balance sheet, P&L, cash flow statement, income statement), stock prices and then assigns a value in an attempt to predict bankruptcy. Fortunately, there’s millions of historical and timely data …

Selected To The UK Crown Digital Supplier Marketplace

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We have been selected as a preferred supplier to the UK government digital marketplace under the digital outcomes and specialists framework. As part of the framework, we are offering data-driven performance management solutions which include data aggregation and machine learning training as it relates to your purchasing and finance departments. Here is more information about it and how we can help you if you are in the UK public sector. To learn more about us, please send us a note at or call us at +44 20 3290 3314