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Is Supply Chain Finance only Necessary for Cross Border Suppliers?

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Let’s start with a key question, what is supply chain finance? Supply chain finance (SCF) is when supplier invoices get financed by a bank on the basis of the creditworthiness of the buyer. A supply chain finance program is when a large buyer’s CFO approaches its bank asking to set up a (also known as reverse factoring) program for a number of suppliers. While suppliers can be based domestically, more often than not, historically such SCF programs were designed to support international cross border operations with cash strapped suppliers based in a different country from financing bank and buyer. This …

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Brexit and Trade Finance

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The pound hit 31 year lows against the US Dollar on Friday October 7 at $1.18/£. For exporters, good news in the short term. British Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed she will steer the country to a hard-Brexit, meaning opting out of the European single market to preserve immigration quotas. “While a weaker currency can give exporters a boost, those advantages can disappear when the slide is as fast and disorderly as sterling suffered last week, according to Nomura Holdings Inc.” Trade finance: Short to mid term solution Will trade finance offer a solution to fledging exporters as the currency sinks further? UK exporters looking …