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Cyber security and your business risk

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According to Allianz’s Risk Barometer 2017, Cyber Incidents is a top global business risk in the UK and Germany in 2016 while Business Interruption (related to supply chain risk and interdependencies) is the top business risk in the United States and France (with cyber incidents, the 2nd top issue in US and France) Cyber incidents such as attacks and breaches have grown in frequency. Breaches hit a new record in 2016, soaring to 1,093 and accounting for 37 million records, up from 780 incidents in 2015 per the Insurance Information Institute (III). According to a new report from the Institute, …

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4 Things to Watch for in the Trump Administration

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Global Trade Spend Increase As was reported recently, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is now dead. What does it mean for the supply chain? It means, if you are a US business with some business operations overseas, expect increased supplier spend. You may need to offset new law that will come into place by diversifying the risk with local suppliers for non critical operations. Less Taxation, More Jobs? There is talk of increased repatriation of multinational funds sitting in foreign markets. As much as $2.6T is stashed abroad and they have been there for a while (current 35% tax not an incentive …

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Trust And Regulation In Transactional Marketplaces

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The US Treasury released a White Paper on the $1T US online marketplace lending market. The report released in a pivotal week comes amid several macro economic factors such as: Rising interest rates and higher default rates. Recent P2P public market entrants and diminishing loan interests from retail investors. P2P market maturity and resulting securitization. Jobs Act Title III going live in days (May 16) for main street Americans and the flurry of niche platforms that are on their way. Recent non disclosure and malpractice (trust related) events at Lending Club. The White Paper outlined the following recommendations: More transparent …