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Shorter Working Capital Cycles, a Win Win Solution

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Businesses need a shorter working capital cycle to fund their day-to-day operations such as debts and expenses,  a major component of their liquidity. What is working capital? Working capital is the aggregate value of the current assets of a company, which can be continuously utilized to support the current operations. It  helps in understanding the liquidity position of an organization. Working capital is much more focused on short term – current asset and current liabilities. Ultimately,  positive working capital or cashflow ensures that a business has enough funds to support its operating expenses and short-term debts. Understanding Working Capital Cycle …

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Brexit and Trade Finance

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The pound hit 31 year lows against the US Dollar on Friday October 7 at $1.18/£. For exporters, good news in the short term. British Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed she will steer the country to a hard-Brexit, meaning opting out of the European single market to preserve immigration quotas. “While a weaker currency can give exporters a boost, those advantages can disappear when the slide is as fast and disorderly as sterling suffered last week, according to Nomura Holdings Inc.” Trade finance: Short to mid term solution Will trade finance offer a solution to fledging exporters as the currency sinks further? UK exporters looking …

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VendorMach meets with Professor Ed Altman at NYU Stern

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VendorMach met with Professor Altman at NYU Stern to get insights on the widely used industry Z Score model while discussing approaches to the VendorMach Trust Score. While the Z score is designed for public companies, (and our focus is private companies (and SMB’s)), particularly interesting is that considering the era when it was built, it remains a relevant reference point to understand. The Z score looks mostly at company fundamentals (balance sheet, P&L, cash flow statement, income statement), stock prices and then assigns a value in an attempt to predict bankruptcy. Fortunately, there’s millions of historical and timely data …

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Trust And Regulation In Transactional Marketplaces

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The US Treasury released a White Paper on the $1T US online marketplace lending market. The report released in a pivotal week comes amid several macro economic factors such as: Rising interest rates and higher default rates. Recent P2P public market entrants and diminishing loan interests from retail investors. P2P market maturity and resulting securitization. Jobs Act Title III going live in days (May 16) for main street Americans and the flurry of niche platforms that are on their way. Recent non disclosure and malpractice (trust related) events at Lending Club. The White Paper outlined the following recommendations: More transparent …

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Your Top 4 New Year’s Resolutions To Growth

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Monitor your Brand Online Google your company periodically and note what’s on the first page. The first place to start with monitoring your brand is the content on your website and social media assets. Then check the highly trafficked company directory platforms. Often, they will have misleading or incorrect information about your company. To combat that and ultimately improve sales inbounds, use your most trusted monitoring and lead gen tools to proactively monitor, track and communicate accordingly Increase your Balance Sheet The market will likely contract, even if slightly (rates are already on their way up). So minimize the spend. …