Does Industry Matter When Collecting Payments?

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According to VendorMach data, yes industry matters when it comes to collecting receivables. VendorMach sorted through 13,000 UK private companies records with trade debtor receivables data in its database. After filtering for companies with revenue, excluding firms with 30 days payment or less (best practice) and further standardizing the industries, we were left with 1500 records to analyze and the top 10 B2B industries with a penchant for getting paid very late. Of the 1500 records, the median DSO (days sales outstanding – the number of days it takes to collect receivables) was used. To further provide context with the data, the P&L per industry was summed to provide for volume of sales in an industry segment and or less observations in one industry segment.

To find out the list, please download our most recent white paper below

VendorMach-White Paper