Supplier purchase order analytics in e-commerce

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Last week VendorMach had a busy couple of days exhibiting at CogX 2017. An AI forum drawing audiences from startups and corporates, it was a good mix of people, a vibrant atmosphere, and some of the best brands in tech. We had a number of stimulating conversations and continue to learn that supplier relationship management is a pain point across industries.

Supplier purchase order analytics in retail e-commerce

Retailers find themselves operating ever more complex supply chains. An online fashion retailer in particular prides themselves on top customer service and efficient delivery and return handling. This involves management of thousands of suppliers, tens of thousands of miles away from their main customer bases in Europe. Huge opportunity. Supplier relationship process improvement, better forecasting frees up bottlenecks that may impact customer delivery and service.

Supply chain analytics (data) for investment managers?

Investment managers are increasingly looking at supply chain analytics data on listed companies to get a strong perspective on various industries. Earlier in the year, a leading New York based fund inquired. Now a London one. Just to clarify, we do not sell data to external parties and treat data privacy of our corporate clients very seriously, securely stored and encrypted on Amazon cloud web servers.  The moral of this story is that because we work with so many clients in several sectors, when we integrate with their CRM/enterprise resource (SAP) platforms, our analytics software instantly parses relevant contractual documents text, images and numbers to provide cost containment, reduce error and improve efficiencies. It’s available to clients in procurement, financial control or compliance.

In addition to cost savings derived from reacting to purchase order reconciliations, VendorMach can cut overhead cost by at least 50% in the manual processes of supplier relationship sourcing, performance management and maintenance – so that our clients can divert resources to creative, client-focused, high-value activities.  Want to learn more? Just send us a message and we’ll schedule a demo. Or just send a message at info at vendormach dot com