Your Top 4 New Year’s Resolutions To Growth

In SMB by VendorMach

Monitor your Brand Online

Google your company periodically and note what’s on the first page. The first place to start with monitoring your brand is the content on your website and social media assets. Then check the highly trafficked company directory platforms. Often, they will have misleading or incorrect information about your company. To combat that and ultimately improve sales inbounds, use your most trusted monitoring and lead gen tools to proactively monitor, track and communicate accordingly

Increase your Balance Sheet

The market will likely contract, even if slightly (rates are already on their way up). So minimize the spend. Focus on spending directly on servicing/maintaining your revenue producing product

Explore International

According to a poll by YouGov and KPMG, 36% of small and medium-sized firms in the UK say that they have decided against exploring overseas markets due to red tape, legal concerns and the time and expense it takes to build networks abroad. Yet recent information from research done by Barclays, found that more than a quarter of SMBs set up in the past seven years stated they had reached their UK growth ceiling within just one year. Using the right approach, it’s increasingly easier to enter new markets especially adjacent ones. For example, expat friendly Berlin, is a good start to begin to sell to the Germans or test northern Europe via Amsterdam to access the region’s early adopter consumers and cutting edge digital infrastructure

Invest in White Papers and Case Studies

Show your capabilities with thought provoking content – not just your blog. According to a 2015 B2B web usability survey, once buyers arrive on your site and are in your sales funnel, they prefer whitepapers and case studies over blog content, infographics and even video. Investing more resources in commissioning such content can thus be rewarding longterm