Our Vision

Founded in London and trading in both the US and Europe, VendorMach's vision is to increase working capital for both parties in the supply chain - large multinationals and SMBs - essentially improving the level playing field.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce friction between global B2B businesses. As a multinational SMB, we have seen the power of digital permeate through our business and those of our clients. We are excited about the themes of crowdsourcing, networks, and marketplaces which inform our product innovation.

Your Success

We are incredibly committed to the success of our early customers who benefit from unparalleled solution flexibility and fast turn around times. We are grateful for the opportunity to offer our services and we look forward to a long term mutually beneficial value-driven partnership.

World Class Team

The company’s international team bring over 50 years of B2B technology consulting, strategy and implementations experience in insurance, healthcare and telecommunications

Chaney Ojinnaka
Founder and CEO

8 Years Insurance Products  Former M&A Integration, Humana Inc  Former Team Lead, UK Analytics Products, Aetna Inc MSc PH, Analytics, Kings College London  Booth MBA, Finance

Peter Hartl

15 Years Software Development,
Big data, Analytics architecture
Former Verisign, AT&T
And Star Alliance
MSc in Telecommunications Engineering
Booth MBA, Finance

Ivan Kotorov
VP Enterprise

Former Country Manager, Datawind
Previously with Brightcove, Gartner

Jacqueline Faridani
Associate Director, Quantitative Analytics

15 Years Experience in Mathematical Finance & Modelling
Former Credit and Risk Quant, BNP Paribas, WestLB and TD Securities
PhD, Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford
Masters, Mathematical Finance, University of Waterloo

Nilesh Trivedi
Non-Executive Director

Data Scientist