Enterprise Solutions

VendorMach transforms supply chain management by digitizing and visualizing customer KPIs and SAP unifying millions of unstructured and semi structured data. The benefits are improved collaboration, auditing, real time exceptions management and business continuity.

eCommerce planning teams (buyers) use the VendorMach cloud platform to monitor materials management, ensure business continuity and comply with third party regulations.

Supply Chain Challenges

The IT and finance systems that support the supply chain are largely disconnected and unstructured. Over 80% of the time spent by large enterprises to update material and supplier information, monitor compliance, verify performance and invoices is manual. Limited supply chain visibility make it difficult to spot disruptions such as errors, severe customer delays, and efficiency savings opportunities in the supply chain

The VendorMach Platform

  • Portfolio trust management
  • Supplier relationship management platform
  • Buyer platform (Know Your Suppliers, SLA management)
  • SAP ERP Integration
  • CSV, Excel, PDF Files Integration
  • Predictive cloud dashboard
  • Geo Heatmaps and industry benchmarks
  • Detailed time series graphs of supply chain performance and trust events

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Vendor Trust Management