At VendorMach we understand that you put a great deal of trust in us when you share your information. We also realize that your personal and business information is very valuable and must be appropriately protected. We take every precaution we can to make sure your information is safe, including industry standard data encryption. We use the information you provide us solely for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Pledge, and in our Terms of Use, for the ultimate purpose of providing you insights into your business and enable you to run your SMB ( small and medium sized business more smoothly). We may use the business data you provide us to make tailored recommendations on resources that might help you meet your goals

We have business incentives to ensure everyone is comfortable sharing data with us. We were founded by people who are firm believers in the right to privacy. That’s why we didn’t just write a privacy policy consisting of pages of legalese; we made this Privacy Pledge which amounts to this:

We protect your data privacy and anonymity above all else.

Precautions and security

As to the question of data piracy, the servers and storage we use follow the same high standards of encryption and protection followed by your existing SaaS vendors, from to Google Analytics. While no one can completely guarantee hacker-free security, we can give you full confidence that sharing your data with VendorMach is as secure as it is with your existing vendors. However, you should note that we cannot guarantee the absolute security of our Site, Products or services, and that certain determined persons or groups may attempt to disrupt, hack or otherwise gain unauthorized access to user data.

For a VendorMach account to be granted and seamless log in to our service, we may need to validate you through an API and or access your data through an API. We use industry standards to process the data you give us access to. You have the ability to revoke access at any time.


We did our best to make our pledge as clear as possible, but we welcome any questions you might have.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions please feel free to email us at